About The Artist

Sari Luna Photo

     I don’t remember a time in which I wasn’t drawing, painting or making forts by stapling blankets to the couch. The majority of my childhood felt solitary, as I spent my first 11 years home schooled living in the forest at the top of Tiger Mountain. I climbed trees, ran around barefoot catching snakes and frogs to admire, and most of my friends lived in the books I constantly devoured. To this day, I feel most at home and at peace with myself in the heart of a Pacific Northwest Forest.

     My best friend was Daisy, a loving Rottweiler who once rescued my cousin by locating her and leading her out of the woods after 7 hours of being missing. I have survived abuse of several kinds and I implore you to really hear what people are saying beneath their words, as it is difficult to ask for help, and it is even more difficult to see and know that you yourself are in need of assistance.

      Nature, literature and the acts of kindness from strangers all feed the magic of my art. Mythology, folklore and anthropology combine with my experiences to create a curiosity for the unknown and to look at things in a perspective all my own.

Sari Luna